Our van Raam bicycles exclusively with electric support for hire

By including a number of van Raam’s adapted bicycles in our rental programme, we hope to make a lot of people happy. These adapted bicycles can therefore only be rented by the target group. Below you will find the models with description that we have included in our rental programme, these bikes all have electric support. The bicycles can easily be reserved via the on-line reservation button, just like the rest of our rental programme. Of course, you can also contact us by phone.

The Easy rider with electric support

The Easy Rider tricycle is a sit-up tricycle for adults. The Easy Rider has a comfortable seat with adjustable back support, tailbone relief and raised edges on the sides. The seat distance is easy to adjust with the quick-release lever. Dismounting is easy as the bike has a slightly higher seat. The forward pedalling motion and suspension in the frame ensure perfect riding comfort. The Easy Rider sit-on tricycle is extremely manoeuvrable and has a small turning circle. The bike also fits through a normal door.

The Fun2Go duo bike with electric support

The Fun2Go is a duo bike, a three-wheel tandem where the users sit next to each other. One person steers, both can pedal. The two people both have good visibility and can communicate well with each other due to the side-by-side seating positions. The riders can get on without boarding and the seats can be easily adjusted to the desired sitting distance with a lever.

The Veloplus wheelchair bike with electric support

The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bicycle is designed to transport people, who remain in their own wheelchairs, by bicycle. No transfer is required between the wheelchair and the bicycle. Without lifting assistance or much effort, the passenger is wheeled onto the platform of the bicycle. The tiltable ramp allows the manual wheelchair to be easily wheeled onto the wheelchair bike and secured with the wheelchair lock.

The Balance bike with electric support

The Balance low entry bike is a comfort bike with a low entry. With the Balance bike, you can always keep both feet on the ground without getting off the saddle. Wrists, shoulders and neck are hardly strained while cycling. Because of the more forward pedalling motion, you can make better use of your leg strength than on a classic bike